how to choose best laptop for yourself

How To Choose Best Laptop For Yourself ?

This article is mainly focused to the people who are in search of laptops in India. For this article I was being researching since 2 months. Finding best budget laptops with high specifications and for all types of usages. The first thing which we should take care of is our needs. Why you are buying a laptop ? What type of tasks you are going to do with it ? The answer of this question changes from person to person. If you are a business man than of-course you will be editing documents, checking mails and all those stuffs. Laptops for this type of usages do not cost much. Now if you are student than you are going to access internet, play High Definition games and many other tasks which will need high specification laptop. This type of laptops are costly as they are mixture of work and play.

How To Choose Laptops Keeping Needs in Consideration?

When you are going to buy laptop, First of all decide and write down your tasks which you are going to do with your new laptop. Your list may contain terms like access internet, editing documents, making video calls, playing games, software development, etc. After creating list go for buying laptop and ask them to suggest best laptop as per your list. Let me also suggest specifications of laptop as per your needs. If you are buying for editing documents, accessing internet or for any business task ( Not For Gaming ) than your laptop will cost about 30,000 RS and it should have i3 processor with 2GB of RAM 250GB HDD. You don’t need GPU in your laptop so don’t buy laptop with GPU it will increase cost of laptop as far as your needs are concerned. I would like to tell you that budget and best laptops are always in price range of 35,000 to 40,000. You can read article here – Best Laptops Under 40000. Now for people who are pro gamers or software developers who are going to play hard with there laptops than there laptops will cost about 40,000 or even more and for them specifications should be Intel i5 or i7 processor , 4GB or 8GB RAM, 500 GB or more HDD and 2GB or 4GB GPU.

All purpose laptops

Hope these article help you to choose best laptop for yourself. Do tell me and to people in comments which laptop you choosed for your self. If you want to ask any question than you can ask me in comments. I will reply you as soon as possible.